49 beautiful souls were taken at Pulse, but their spirit dances on in all of us. Let’s cherish their memory and celebrate their lives by dancing in their honor. Let’s show the world that love conquers all–that joy and happiness can’t be stopped. Now more than ever before, Orlando is The City Beautiful. We will recover. We will grow stronger. We will keep dancing.

About Us

Add your moves to the movement.

  • Film It.
    Record your moves using whatever equipment you’re comfortable with. As long as we can hear the music and see your moves, you can express yourself however you like.

  • Upload It.
    Be sure to use the hashtag #KeepDancingOrlando and tag the Keep Dancing Orlando page when you upload to Facebook or Instagram.

  • Share It.
    Share your video with friends and family—then challenge them to create one of their own.

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